In the Garden of Lies (part 1)

In the City of Lies, it was almost refreshing to see a dispute settled with the clean strike of an iaijutsu duel. Yogo Hiroue had suggested to his lord that it might be advantageous for them if Bayushi Gensato threw the fight. “After all,” he’d said, “Kitsuki-san will hardly be inclined to stay at your party for […]

Curved blades

Far to the west, in Unicorn lands… Courtiers in a rainbow of gleaming, elegant robes bowed gracefully as she passed, like flowers overburdened by dew. She smiled, her thoughts focusing not on the courtiers but instead on the celebration around them and the riders in the field. Scimitars clashed beneath the bright sun, the finely honed […]

Risen from the flames

A week later, in the Phoenix lands to the east… Tsukune was midstride across the threshold of the forest shrine before she realized her mistake. She winced as her right foot touched the blessed ground on the other side of the torii arch before her left. Before her peers and in the home of her ancestors, […]

Dark hands of Heaven

Meanwhile, to the far southeast… A brisk wind scudded across the dry plains, tugging at the robes of the shugenja and snapping the banners atop the Kaiu Wall. Unmoved, Hida Kisada stared impassively from the battlements to the Shadowlands beyond, where a vast force of enemy troops swayed and shifted like grass. In the eyes of his troops—even […]

The rising wave

Meanwhile, in the northernmost mountains of Rokugan… A more cautious man—or one with less cause—would not have attempted to leave Shiro Mirumoto so early in the season. Even by Dragon Clan standards, the winter had been a harsh one, and although its grip was loosening, it had yet to let go. Snow still towered in heaps where heimin […]

Le prix de la guerre

Quelques semaines plus tard, en territoire contesté… Matsu Tsuko s’accroupit dans un épais bosquet. Elle attendait, en embuscade avec une dizaine d’autres unités de samurai du Clan du Lion. Le dense feuillage étouffait les cris et le bruit de l’acier du combat qui se tenait plus bas, mais rien n’atténuait l’odeur ferrugineuse du sang qui emplissait l’air et […]

La fille de son père

À l’aube de l’Empire, après que les Kami soient tombés du Paradis Céleste, ils se trouvèrent plongés dans un monde de mortels, rongé par la cruauté et par la guerre. Le Kami Doji, sœur de Hantei, le premier Empereur, prit la décision d’apporter de l’ordre dans cet univers de sauvages. Incarnation de la grâce et […]